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[HOW TO] OpenCore 0.9.3 > 0.9.4 differences


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OpenCore 0.9.4 is out. Get it from Acidanthera.


Main changes

  • Kernel >> Quirks: fixed ForceAquantiaEthernet on macOS 14 beta 2.
  • Kernel >> Quirks: improved LapicKernelPanic on legacy macOS.
  • Misc >> Boot: added InstanceIdentifier to identify OC instance; added the ability to target .contentVisibility files to specific OC instances.
    Allowed .contentVisibility in the same boot FS root locations as `.VolumeIcon.icns`, in order to survive macOS updates (non-Apple files next to the Apple bootloader are removed by macOS updates). 
    The .contentVisibility file may be placed next to the boot loader (BOOTx64.efi) or in the boot folder, e.g.:
    - /Volumes/{ESP}/EFI/BOOT/.contentVisibility
    - /System/Volumes/Preboot/{GUID}/System/Library/CoreServices/.contentVisibility
    As of now, it may also be placed in absolute root folders related to a boot entry, for example:
    - /System/Volumes/Preboot/{GUID}/.contentVisibility
    - /System/Volumes/Preboot/.contentVisibility
    - /Volumes/{ESP}/.contentVisibility.


  • Misc >> Boot: added InstanceIdentifier (String). Default value is empty. Most of us are not going to use this new feature.


  • AppleALC 1.8.4
  • BrcmPatchRAM 2.6.8
  • EmeraldSDHC 0.1.1
  • Lilu 1.6.7
  • NVMFix 1.1.1
  • WhateverGreen 1.6.6.

Don't just look at the seemingly short list of changes, transparent to the user there are many more changes and fixes.

Note: for people interested in the InstanceIdentifier new feature, please look at the OpenCore Configuration.pdf (section 8.1.1: Boot Algorithm and .contentVisibility file).
The .contentVisibility file, when present, may optionally target only specific instances of OpenCore. Its contents are [{Instance-List}:](Disabled|Auxiliary). If a colon (:) is present, the preceding Instance-List it is a comma separated list of InstanceIdentifier values (example: OCA,OCB:Disabled). When this list is present, the specified visibility is only applied if the InstanceIdentifier of the current instance of OpenCore is present in the list. When the list is not present, the specified visibility is applied for all instances of OpenCore.

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