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Many of you must have noticed by now when using OpenCore Legacy Patcher to install root patches Software Update won't give you the incremental updates it instead gives you the full installer update. The reason for this is because root patching requires SIP to be disabled partially for the unsigned kext to load so your Mac can have full functionality.

Since SIP is disabled and there are other configurations like Secure Boot being disabled for OCLP to function macOS can't download the incremental update so you'll be presented with the full installer.


Full installer update:


Incremental update:


There's a workaround to fix this issue and the steps are:

1. Open the OpenCore Legacy Patcher


2. Select the Post Install Root Patch then click Revet Root Patches

3. Reboot the system and when OpenCore Legacy Patcher pops up click Cancel


4. Go to System Preferences -> General -> Software Update and install the incremental update

5. Once the installation is done this time when OpenCore Legacy Patcher pops up click OK to install the Root Patches

6. OCLP will download the KDK and after installing it the root patches will be applied and then reboot the system


7. Now you have a fully functional Mac once again.


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