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OpenCore Legacy Patcher News and Updates

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No more KDK installation:

I’ve tested the lates build on macOS Sonoma Developer Preview 6 (Public Beta 4) and the root patches were installed instantly without the need to download the KDK.

This is important because after each developer preview or public beta release the OCLP had to download the KDK and installed to apply the root patches.


Connecting to Wi-Fi Networks:

Another update is about the Wi-Fi networks. Previously we were not able to connect to WiFi networks just by clicking the Network’s name, we had to open the System Settings -> Wi-Fi and then select the network we needed to connect to but now if you click on a network name on in the Wi-Fi menu bar icon the password window will pop up.

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  • Cyberdevs changed the title to OpenCore Legacy Patcher News and Updates
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OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.1.0 is released with some major updates specially the AMFPass.kext to version 1.4.0 which now doesn't require the -amfipassbeta boot arguments anymore.


Another update fixes the Photos app crash on non-Metal Macs in 6137484 commit.

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OpenCore Legacy Patcher 1.2.0 is available for download.


With the release of OpenCore Legacy Patcher v1.2.0, some noteworthy improvements are:

  • Resolve 4k output rendering on 2017 4k iMacs.
  • Applicable for iMac18,2.
  • Resolve LLDB crashing on extracted frameworks and binaries.
  • Better handling of T1 Security Chips.
  • Applicable for TouchBar-based 2016 and 2017 MacBook Pros.
  • If you find the TouchBar is non-functional in Sonoma, you may need to boot Ventura to reinstall the T1's firmware.
  • New Launch Daemons for preparing the host for macOS updates.
  • Cleaning potentially problematic kernel extensions.
  • Fetching KDKs for incoming OS, reducing the need for network connection after updating.


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OpenCore Patcher 1.3.0 has been released for macOS Sonoma 14.2


A note on OpenCore Patcher's official GitHub page states that users must install this update before updating to macOS Sonoma 14.2


WARNING: You MUST install this update before upgrading to macOS 14.2 on the following machines:

MacBook Air

MacBookAir5,x (Mid 2012)

MacBookAir6,x (Mid 2013, Early 2014)

MacBook Pro

MacBookPro9,x (Mid 2012)

MacBookPro10,x (Mid 2012, Late 2012, Early 2013)

MacBookPro11,x (Late 2013, Mid 2014)

Mac mini

Macmini6,x (Late 2012)

Macmini7,1 (Late 2014)


iMac13,x (Late 2012)

iMac14,x (Late 2013, Mid 2014)


Source for download:


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With the release of macOS Sonoma 14.4 beta and beta 2 Apple has made some changes under the hood which broke the OCLP WiFi patches but with the new commit made by OCLP developers it is fixed now.

You need to update the IOSkywalkFamily-v1.1.0.zip and use the latest nightly build to fix the WiFI patches.



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OpenCore Patcher 1.4.0 is now officially available for download at:



It's best to update your EFI using OpenCore Patcher to 1.4.0 before installing or upgrading your unsupported Macs to macOS Sonoma 14.4 to avoid any issues.



Here is the Dortania's official release notes about OpenCore Patcher 1.4.0 and macOS Sonoma 14.4 that you need to know about updating to macOS Sonoma 14.4:


WARNING 1: Do not upgrade to macOS 14.4 if you have a non-Metal Mac


macOS 14.4 is currently unsupported with Macs equipped with non-Metal Graphics Cards, see macOS 14.4 non-Metal sessions bug #1125 for more information. Affected Macs:

MacBook5,1 – MacBook7,1 (Early 2008 – Mid 2010)

MacBookAir2,1 – MacBookAir4,x (Mid 2008 – Mid 2011)

MacBookPro4,1 – MacBookPro8,x (Late 2008 – Late 2011)

iMac7,1 – iMac12,x (Mid 2007 – Mid 2011)

Macmini3,1 – Macmini5,x (Early 2009 – Mid 2011)

MacPro3,1 – MacPro5,1 (Early 2008 – Mid 2012)


WARNING 2: If upgrading to macOS 14.4, you MUST install OCLP 1.4.0 beforehand.

A lot of hardware, including Metal GPUs, WiFi cards, T1 chipsets, etc have new patches made for macOS 14.4. We highly recommend installing OCLP 1.4.0 beforehand to ensure a smooth update.


WARNING 3: Upgrading to 14.4 may break Auto Joining WiFi Networks

To restore Auto-Join support, forget the network and re-add it.


To read the complete official release notes visit:


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OpenCore Patcher 1.4.1 has been released with several fixes:


1.4.1 Changelog:

  • Update updater implementation
  • Resolve Keyboard/Trackpad support for MacBookAir6,x running macOS 14.4 and newer
    • Expands SPI Keyboard and Trackpad patch to include MacBookAir6,x
  • Publish Bluetooth NVRAM variables for BCM2046 and BCM2070 chipsets
    • Reduces need for NVRAM reset to restore Bluetooth support in newer OSes (Thanks @Ausdauersportler)
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The recent Open Core Patcher commit bbc8902 adds non-Metal support for macOS Sonoma 14.4 on unsupported Mac.

This commit is not yet available on the official release but you can use the nightly build and test it on your Mac.

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OpenCore 1.5.0 is released.


According to Dortania the full change log is:


1.5.0 Changelog

  • Restructure project directories
    • Python:
      • Move logic into opencore_legacy_patcher directory
      • Use relative imports for local libraries
    • Documentation:
      • Move images to docs/images
    • Payloads:
      • Remove redundant/unused files bundled in payloads.dmg
  • Resolve unpatching Nvidia Web Drivers failing to clean up /Library/Extensions
  • Implement preflight code signature checks for macOS installer creation
    • Ensures validity of createinstallmedia binary before execution
  • Modularize AutoPkg's pre/postinstall scripts
    • Adjusted to use functions for better readability
    • Implements ZSH shebang
    • Removes OS logging
  • Disable usage of OpenLegacyBoot.efi
    • Resolves boot issues on certain CSM-based Macs
  • Implement new PKG-based installer
    • OpenCore-Patcher.pkg is now the recommended method for installation
    • OpenCore-Patcher-Uninstaller.pkg is now available for uninstallation
      • Note this only removes the application, not any patches applied
    • OpenCore-Patcher-GUI.app.zip is deprecated and will be removed in future versions
  • Implement new Privileged Helper Tool
    • Removes need for password prompts when installing patches, creating installers, etc.
    • Installed at /Library/PrivilegedHelperTools/com.dortania.opencore-legacy-patcher.privileged-helper
    • No launch services required
    • For running from source, recompile tool with debug configuration (make debug)
  • Resolve OpenCore-Patcher.app window not appearing as topmost window on launch
  • Reworked CI tooling:
    • New build script with reworked parameters: Build-Project.command
    • Remove reliance on WhiteBox's Packages for AutoPkg creation
      • Now implements pkgbuild and productbuild for package creation through macOs-Pkg-Builder Python module
  • Implement additional sanity checks before performing root patches
    • Checks for mismatched snapshots vs root volume macOS versions
  • Increment Binaries:
    • OpenCorePkg 1.0.0 - release
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