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Mac Mini 4,1 Server


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SD Carder functionality requires more debugging.


Overall, the Mac mini is not really usable. Even though I have installed an SSD (Crucial MX500 1TB), it's still too slow.

The main culprit seems to be the Nvidia GPU since it is NOT Metal compatible so the CPU ends up doing all the work.

The CPU is "only" a Core-2-Duo P8800 2.66Ghz....state of art back in 2010 I guess ?


With only SATA III interface and 1gb/s Ethernet, it's not even really usable as a Server (something Apple thought back in 2010, this was usable) but it is not.

This limits it to about 60MB/s over the LAN.


Might turn it into a Linux box.


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@Cyberdevs Too true. This system was used as a server for over 12 people in the office using LDAP and at the time it served us well. But the Cloud is now way faster than an in-house server. Plus Apple incorporated most of the Sharing functions within macOS (File Sharing, Screen sharing, remote login, etc) so OS X + server s/w made no sense and was dropped.

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