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Hello and welcome to MacMeUp community.

I'm so exited to see you here and I hope you enjoy being part of this community as well.

This is not just another Hackintosh forum, even though we do have a Hackintosh section which you can discuss Hackintosh issues and tips and tricks but the main focus will be Apple operating systems and products old and new, so please post your topics and comments in related sections.


Please introduce yourself and let us know a few things about yourself.


This topic is not about your questions and issues, we have the whole forum for that.

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Hi all - I am very happy to be here as a newbie although I have been on the hack scene since S/Leopard booting with Chameleon.

I am learning all the time and hope to continue doing so in the community.

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Hi all - I'm happy to join this community thanks to cyberdevs. It's a great place to find old friends and maybe some new ones.
I've been in the Hackintosh world for 10 years and I've learnt that there's always something new to discover and that helping each other is rewarding.

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Thanks for the accepted invitation to join this web site.  I have been looking for something Macintosh orientated but not "Governed" by Apple.  A fine example was a post I made yesterday talking about how useful I am finding OpenCore Patcher.  That message survived 20 minutes before it was removed for "compliance" reasons.


I am a long time Macintosh user, purchasing my first Mac in 1984 - yes the year it all began.  I did miss out on the Apple / Apple II saga but since bringing home my 1Mb FatMac complete with single floppy disc drive and an external I was amased that I could load an operating system {on the 400K floppy discs} and an APP {albeit a tiny one} simultaneously.  I remember when I purchased my first external hard drive, all 20Mb of it the salesman said "and you will never fill it".  Wow, a device so big that it would last me forever!  No, a device that would quickly be made redundant and I would never get around to filling the hard drive.


Years went by and I started a computer software company and developed software for the Medical Profession.  That ran for 25 years and I have purchased virtually one of every model on offer until early 2005 when it all came to a crashing end.  Wounded, I left the computer industry and semi-retired. 


Now, I have a collection of remnant computers on my desktop, all purchased around 2012 and according to Apple end of life.  I didn't want that and so searched for a solution to give them a prolonged life.  I discovered OpenCore Patcher and my computers came back to life.  Upgrading memory where possible and upgrading HD's to modern SSD's has given the machines unexpected performance and reliability.  I couldn't be happier.


EXCEPT:  There was peculiarity on a couple of the machine when they crashed applications frequently when doing simple manoeuvres on the keyboard:  Down, Up, Left, Right, Copy and Paste. This was incredibly annoying as these steps are repeated dozens of times a day during normal use.  I tried several measures including upgrading OS levels, wiping and re-initialising HD's all to no avail.  Then, in a corner of the System Settings … I found some odd values in the keyboard and mouse shortcuts, found under the major choice of "Desktop and Dock".   There were some strange values stored for all the commands and for some reason I thought it a good idea to remove them all to null.  Voila - not a single crash since, despite a couple of days of pounding.



My only problem now is if I let the Screen Saver activate the whole screen goes bizarre and the only way out is to crash the computer and start over.  An interim fix is to turn off the Screen Saver and just let the screen go black.  This issue would be a nice to fix but no longer a have to fix.  And so, a pre-loved old machine is now going to get its maximum memory upgrade to 16Gb and a new SSD and should give me good performance for another decade. 


Sorry for the long-windedness but I think there is nothing like hearing the "whole story".   Cheers. 

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 6.05.09 PM.png

Screenshot 2024-04-03 at 6.05.39 PM.png

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Welcome to MacMeUp community 🙂

Nice and nostalgic story and I'm glad to see you have found the solution to your issues and thanks for sharing it with us.

The issue with the screen saver might be because of the GPUs in your Macs, afaik ever since Big Sur the new screen savers require Metal capable GPUs and on older Mac models the GPU can't handle them.

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