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Mac mini4,1: Ventura Incremental S/W Update failure


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Ventura on the unsupported Mac mini4,1 S/W failed with "failed to prepare the software update" when trying OTA Incremental Update.

Using OCLP 0.6.8 (OpenCore 0.9.2):


OCLP EFI posted here

Original S/W update offer was full update...~12GB.

So, I reverted Root Patches and rebooted.

On restart, S/W was now 475MB...yeh Incremental Update:


After Downloading, the preparing stage start and at ~ 20 minutes left I get :


Setting SecureBootModel=Default still failed but given a different message:


Disabling RestrictedEvents kext make no difference.

Booting in Safe Mode offers no updates at all


I have not tried the Full update yet but expect no issues as the previous Full updates were applied successfully.


It's not a problem as I have a fast internet connection to download the Full Update but any insights ?


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Thx for the suggestion. Turning OFF the screen saver and not letting it get activated did not make any difference.


Turning OFF the vmm kernel patches did make difference.....no Updates available at all.

Seems similar to issues with RSR updates that not supported by OpenCore on pre-Haswell systems.

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